Taliban will take over Afghanistan after US army withdraws, warn US intelligence agencies

Washington/Kabul/Paris: US intelligence agencies have warned that if the United States withdrew its military before forming a joint government in Afghanistan, the Taliban would take complete control of Afghanistan. In that scenario, the rights of women will be trampled once more and the floodgates will open for Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Taliban will take over Afghanistan after US army withdraws, warn US intelligence agenciesTaliban has set May 1 as the deadline for the Biden administration to withdraw the military from Afghanistan. Taliban has threatened that if US or NATO soldiers are seen in Afghanistan, a fierce conflict will break out after that date. Biden administration has clarified that the military withdrawal is not possible before May 1. Against this background, the reports submitted by the US intelligence agencies add to the woes of the Biden administration.

While talking to the media, US President Biden clarified his position regarding the timeline given by Taliban, for the first time. Biden said that withdrawal of the US and NATO military from Afghanistan is impossible before May 1. Biden gave some technical reasons for this. The reaction has been received from the Taliban on the statements of President Biden.

Taliban threatened that as per the agreement in Doha, if the foreign soldiers do not withdraw from Afghanistan, it will be a breach of terms of the peace deal in time. Only the United States will be held responsible for this. Taliban will initiate Jihad for the security of Afghanistan; it will continue till complete freedom is attained for Afghanistan.

Taliban has abided by the terms of the peace deal with the United States and therefore, the United States did not face any human casualties in the last year. Taliban warned that if the United States itself violates the peace deal, it should be prepared for the consequences.Taliban will take over Afghanistan after US army withdraws, warn US intelligence agencies

Within a few hours of the Taliban warning, a leading US newspaper published a report quoting US intelligence agencies and officials. The report says that the US military withdrawal will be beneficial for the Taliban to grip the country. The intelligence agencies have suggested that the United States withdraw the military from Afghanistan only after forming a coalition of the elected government and the Taliban and streamlining the administrative systems.

US intelligence agencies warned that if the United States and NATO militaries were withdrawn before forming the joint government, the Taliban would gain control of the entire country in the next 2 or 3 years. The US officials also warned that at the same time, if Taliban took a grip on the country, the doors to Afghanistan will be open for Al Qaeda and the organisation will once again become strong in Afghanistan.

Whereas some former intelligence officials have gone further, drawing some shocking inferences. Afghanistan will once again be in the dark era if Taliban come to power. The rights of women will once again be trampled in the country. These US officials claimed that the education and health facilities for women and girls also would be withdrawn.

Afghan leaders also are expressing similar concerns over the US military withdrawal. Ahmed Masood, son of Ahmed Shah Masood, known as the ‘Hero of Afghanistan’, has also appealed that the United States hasten the military withdrawal. Masood warned that a hasty withdrawal would push Afghanistan into the ditch of a civil war. India also has pointed out these threats to the United States a long time ago.

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