US will launch airstrikes on Taliban, claims US newspaper

Washington: – A fierce conflict is being fought between the Taliban and the Afghan military, while the United States is withdrawing its military. Reports are being received that hundreds of Taliban terrorists are being killed in air attacks. At the same time, the Taliban has started advancing towards the Afghan capital of Kabul. But the United States may launch airstrikes on the Taliban before it can take over Kabul or any other important Afghan city. A US newspaper claimed that the Afghan policy of President Biden would be amended to that effect for this purpose.   


The conflict between the Afghan military and the Taliban is intensifying. The Afghan defence ministry claimed that 111 Taliban terrorists were killed in the last 24 hours. At the same time, six soldiers were killed in the car bomb blast carried out by the Taliban in the Baghlan province. Reports are also being received that 60 Afghan soldiers are surrendering to the Taliban and joining the ranks of the terrorist organisation. A few days ago, the Afghan soldiers had absconded following a Taliban attack. Taliban attacks on capital Kabul have also increased.  

Last week, there had been three bomb blasts in Kabul. The Taliban also carried out a bomb blast in the compound of a girls’ school. The rapid US military withdrawal is said to be the reason for the increase in Taliban attacks. It is claimed that if the speed of US military withdrawal remains the same, the Taliban will gain control over capital Kabul along with other important cities, military bases and foreign embassies by the end of this year. Concerns are being expressed that in that scenario, after two decades, Afghanistan will again be ‘Talibanized’.   

While speaking to a newspaper, a senior US official informed that the United States would launch airstrikes against the Taliban if such a situation arises. Pentagon is seriously considering such airstrikes in Afghanistan after the military withdrawal. The official said that official permission would be taken from President Biden for this purpose. The military bases in the Persian Gulf region will be used for these airstrikes. The official said that it would be difficult for the United States to carry out this action for an extended period, as the United States will be vacating the military bases in Afghanistan in the next few months.   

Therefore, the US intelligence agency CIA is trying to create military bases in the neighbouring countries to continue with the counter-terrorism actions in Afghanistan. CIA Chief William Burns recently visited Pakistan to discuss the issue. Pakistani journalists said that Burns has achieved the objective of the visit and are expressing a suspicion that Pakistan has agreed to make a military base available to the United States. But Pakistan government is denying the claim. Therefore, a spate of allegations and counterclaims seems to have started in Pakistan. The analysts from the country are expressing fears that if Pakistan does not accede to the US demand, then the US intelligence agency, CIA, will carry out something big in Pakistan. Informing that the security systems of Prime Minister Imran Khan have been replaced, these analysts have said that something unprecedented will happen in Pakistan in the next few days.   

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