Mass casualties feared in the attacks by the Junta regime in Myanmar, warns United Nations

Naypyidaw – The Myanmar military, under the leadership of the Junta regime, is carrying out cruel and indiscriminate attacks in Myanmar, and more than 100,000 people have been forced to relocate. The United Nations warned that even life essentials are not available due to the actions of the Myanmar military, and there is a possibility of mass casualties also by starvation and illnesses. While reports are being received regarding the UN warnings, the website Irrawaddy news reported that the Myanmar military had despatched more military units to control the Demoso region.


Myanmar,Junta regime,UN,Mass deaths,Kayah State,KNDF fighter,People's Defense Force,Aung San Suu Kyi,Buddhist monkThe local population has started a conflict with the military in many parts of Myanmar. New armed groups are being formed in some parts of the country, and the old armed groups also have taken up arms again. The Myanmar military has resorted to airstrikes and artillery shelling in various regions to finish these armed groups. In the Kayah State province in eastern Myanmar, the rebel group KNDF and the newly formed People’s Defence Forces are fighting the Myanmar military. The Myanmar military initiated an action in the last month to dismantle this resistance.

Large scale airstrikes and artillery shelling is being carried out under this action. This has forced the local population to leave their houses and take shelter in the forests nearby. It is said that the number of these displaced people is more than a hundred thousand. The military action has destroyed the supply of essential commodities, and sources have informed that the displaced people are facing an acute shortage of foodstuff and medicines.

Myanmar,Junta regime,UN,Mass deaths,Kayah State,KNDF fighter,People's Defense Force,Aung San Suu Kyi,Buddhist monkThe United Nations has taken serious cognisance of this. Tom Andrews, an official at the United Nations, warned that if the military action continues, mass deaths are possible due to starvation and disease epidemics. He also appealed that the international community must take cognisance if this mass casualty is to be averted. Meanwhile, the Junta regime has tightened the noose of action around the deposed Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi. The Myanmar military council filed new corruption charges against Suu Kyi on Thursday. The accusation levelled is that Suu Kyi accepted a bribe worth USD 600,000 in cash and gold. It is said that this is the sixth and the most serious charge levelled against Suu Kyi so far. Before this, charges of treason, breaking the laws for import-export, telecommunications act and national emergency act and encouraging public unrest, have been levelled against her.

12 killed in an air crash

A minimum of 12 people were killed in a crash, of a military aircraft, in the Mandalay region of Myanmar on Thursday. The dead include six Myanmar military officials, including influential Buddhist monk Abhisheka Maha Rattha Guru Bhatanda Kavisara. The military informed that the pilot is seriously injured and has been admitted to the hospital. Information has been received that the leading Myanmar military officials had visited Abhisheka Maha Rattha Guru Bhatanda Kavisara the next day after the military coup.

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