On the background of second ‘Kabul Process Conference’, Taliban sends proposal for dialogue to the US

Kabul / Washington :The Taliban, who had appealed for discussions through its open letter to the American public, has once again accepted that they are ready for discussions. This proposal for peace talks from Taliban just only two days before the ‘Kabul Conference’, organised on the security and stability issues in the country, is considered significant. The Afghan envoy and the analysts had termed the previous proposal as an acceptance of defeat and an attempt to hide the defeat behind the proposal for peace talks.

Kabul-Process-ConferenceA statement issued by the ‘Political Office’ of the Taliban contains the proposal for peace talks. Taliban accepted their preparedness for the peace talks stating that the United States should talk directly to the Taliban to find a solution to the Afghan problem. A solution can be reached if the legitimate demands of the Afghani people are met. The United States should convey their concerns in a peaceful manner and send their request for discussions to Taliban.’

It is said that this proposal is in response to the statements made by Alice Wells, a senior official in the US Department of State. Wells had visited Afghanistan and met many leaders and officials. She had indicated to the Taliban that doors for negotiations were open and that there was peace and stability on the path ahead. At this time, the US officials had also mentioned about the ‘Kabul Conference’ which will begin this Wednesday.

Although the Taliban has proposed direct talks with the United States, the United States leadership has always taken a stand that the peace talks should be only between Taliban and the Afghan government. But the Taliban have consistently refused to talk with the government in Afghanistan accusing it to be a puppet in the hands of the aggressors.

President Donald Trump, in his new Afghanistan policy, has proposed deployment of more US army troops as well as giving more freedom to  the intelligence agencies ‘CIA’ and the army troops to take action. Following this, the action against the narcotics trade in Afghanistan has been intensified and the drone attacks have been increased. However, this has weakened  financial sources of Taliban considerably. The US army officials and the analysts claim that these actions have caused serious damages to the Taliban.

As a result of these actions, a strong terrorist organisation like Taliban has sent two proposals for peace talks to the United States in two weeks. Some of the supporters are claiming this to be another victory of the policies adopted by President Trump.

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