G7 and European Union demand transparent investigation into Coronavirus

London: – The members of G7, the group of industrially advanced countries, which includes the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and Japan, demanded a fresh and transparent investigation into the Coronavirus pandemic from the World Health Organisation (WHO). The European Union, too, has made a demand for a new investigation into the pandemic. The European Union said, ‘The world has the right to know where this pandemic started and how it spread. Therefore, there has to be a credible investigation.’  


The G7 meeting will be held in the United Kingdom, and India, South Korea and Australia will also be attending the conference. All the democratic countries are coming together on this occasion, and the importance of the G7 summit has increased manifold after the Coronavirus pandemic rampage. The necessary background has been created for the meeting with the reports appearing in the US and UK media, holding China responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic.  The G7 could demand a fresh investigation into the Coronavirus pandemic on the official level during this meeting. It has been said that the G7 leaders have prepared a statement for this.   

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, has increased the pressure on China with her statement that there is a pressing need to investigate the Coronavirus pandemic. Ursula von der Leyen targeted China, saying that the officials should get a completely free hand to investigate the origin of the pandemic. In the past, China had denied entry to the WHO team into the Wuhan laboratory. Against this background, the demand made by the President of the European Union becomes significant.   

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