US announces fresh sanctions against China over Hongkong and South China Sea issues 

Washington/Beijing: – US State Secretary, Mike Pompeo, has sharpened the edge of the conflict, further, against China. Sanctions have been imposed against 6 Chinese officials and 20 Chinese companies in 48 hours. The US State Secretary said that these sanctions are being imposed to target the Chinese activities in the South China Sea and the oppression of the population in Hongkong by the Chinese rulers. Meanwhile, US Vice President Mike Pence expressed hope that the new US administration will continue to stand against the Chinese activities.   


US State Secretary Mike Pompeo informed about the sanctions saying ‘The United States will always stand firm with the South East Asian countries, standing up to protect their sovereignty and interests. The United States will continue with its actions, till the Chinese rulers stop bullying, in the South China Sea. The South China Sea is not a part of the Chinese empire and the International community will not let that happen.’ The US State Secretary also warned that the Chinese claim over the South China Sea is completely illegal.   

US State Department imposed sanctions against 20 companies assisting the Chinese government in the South China Sea. These include leading oil sector company CNOOC, along with companies from the construction sector. While, the State Department was announcing these sanctions, Vice President Mike Pence tweeted regarding the Chinese policies. Pence said that China would continue its efforts to increase its influence with inciting military activities and using its economic might. The future US administration should pay attention to this and stand firm against China and take relevant decisions. Preference should be given to the United States and the US allies who love their democracy.  

Before announcing sanctions against the Chinese activities in the South China Sea, the actions in Hongkong also have been targeted. On Friday, the State Department targeted the officials running the operations against the pro-democracy activist groups in Hongkong. These include Deputy Chief of the National Security office in Hongkong, Sun Quingye, along with Chinese lawmaker Tam Yiu-Chung,  

A few days ago, the Chinese agencies arrested more than 50 pro-democracy leaders and activists in a sudden action. Strong reactions emanated from the international community over this action. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that five pro-democracy activists, who succeeded in dodging the Chinese agencies in July, last year, have reached the United States. These activists have asked for political asylum in the United States. 

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