The US will not tolerate Chinese aggression in the South China Sea; US Security Advisor warns China

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Singapore: US National Security Advisor John Bolton issued a stern warning saying, ‘The United States will not tolerate the unilateral Chinese military movements to gain control over the South China Sea. The United States will oppose this Chinese military aggression. Anyone coming in the way of the marine freight movement will have to face opposition from the United States.’ China is making moves to pressurise the South East Asian countries for total control over the South China Sea. The United States has warned China over these tactics.

Chinese-aggressionThe East Asia summit has started in Singapore. India, the United States, China and Japan have been invited as observers for this meeting. On the occasion of this meeting, a code of conduct has been prepared by China, regarding the South China Sea. China has claimed that this contains rules for freight movement. China has also said that this code of conduct is for the security of the South East Asian countries.

There is criticism that this code of conduct will strengthen the Chinese claim over the South China Sea. With this code of conduct, China can strengthen its right over the South China Sea rejecting the claims of other countries in the South China Sea like Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. In view of the same, the US National Security Advisor, who is in Singapore for the meeting, lambasted China.

Bolton announced, ‘The agreement being thrust by China on the Southeastern countries through the Code of Conduct tramples the freedom of International freight movement and the United States is firmly opposed to it. At the same time, the United States will continue its patrolling and freight movement in this region without caring for this Chinese code of conduct.’

Bolton presented the position of the United States in strong words. ‘The code of conduct prepared by China should be accepted by the south-east Asian countries without any pressures. Moreover, the Chinese code of conduct should also respect the marine rights of the United States and other countries. A compromise on the marine rights of the United States and other countries will not be acceptable.’

Bolton has, even in the past, criticised China by adopting a harsh stand on the South China Sea issue. Bolton had accused China of illegally building artificial islands and militarising the South China Sea. The US National Security Advisor also warned of increasing the US patrolling in the South China Sea tenfold.

Meanwhile, a few hours ago, the Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister had claimed that the Pacific Ocean could not be a monopoly of one single country. The Chinese Deputy Prime Minister had also taunted that some countries should give up the outdated Cold War mentality. This was the reaction from China, which is growing restless because of the increasing military cooperation between India, the United States, Australia and Japan in the Indo-Pacific Ocean region.

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