US will declare war against China, Iran and North Korea in 2019, claim by a US study group

Third World War

Washington: The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has inferred that a war will be sparked between the United States and China, North Korea and Iran. Out of these the war between United States and China will be dreadful. The CFR has warned in its report that in that situation there will be horrible effects at the international level.


CFR, a renowned and influential study group in the US has published ‘Preventive Priorities Survey’. The report talks about which countries’ relations with the United States will be strained leading to a war or conflict. At the same time, the report also talks about the measures to be taken to avoid the war. The report recognises five major countries and systems as a threat to the United States.

The report notes that there can be a cyberattack on the infrastructural services in the United States directly affecting day to day life. A conflict can spark between the United States and North Korea because of the nuclear tension created in the Korean region. CFR has also claimed Iran may start a hidden war against the United States through the associated terrorist organisations.

CFR has warned that there is a thick possibility of a war between United States and China over the South China Sea issue. The group has also said that some of the South East Asian countries may join the United States in this war against China. But the analysts at the study group have warned that this war will have extensive effects on the developments at the International level.

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