United States warns China as it deploys B-2 Bombers in the Indian Ocean

New Delhi/ Washington: The United States has deployed B-2 Stealth Bomber Planes at a base on the Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean. Moreover, it is claimed that by deploying these bombers in the Indian Ocean, the United States has given an ultimatum to China. On Friday, a motion against Chinese invasion in Ladakh and its aggression was presented in the US Parliament. Also, India was praised for firmly standing against Chinese aggression and even making efforts to maintain its sovereignty over the Indian Ocean region. Furthermore, the member of the US Parliament asserted that the US must support India now more than ever. Against this background, the US deployment in the Indian Ocean becomes significant.    


The US has deployed these warships to respond to Chinese aggression in the South China Sea. The United States is making efforts to develop a strategic relationship with Taiwan for its defence preparedness. Thus, restless China had used bombers in its recent war exercise. Moreover, news has surfaced that China has deployed its bombers at a base in the South China Sea. Against this background, the news of the US deploying its B-2 Stealth Bombers at its largest base, Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean, stands significant. The US Indo-Pacific command official has declared this.   

Moreover, the analysts say that the deployment of these 16 nuclear missile carriers, B-2 Stealth Bombers, that can trick the enemy radar is a warning to China. The aircraft can fly up to 11,000 kilometres despite being fully loaded. Hence, it is claimed that the United States has deployed these bombers to protect its allies and its interests near the Indian Ocean as well as the Pacific Ocean. At the same time, the US also asserted that it would protect India in entirety due to this deployment. Hence, this is also being viewed as the strengthening of strategic ties between the US and India.    

One hundred days have passed since the India-China Army confrontation at the Ladakh border. After the betrayal in the Galwan, India has become aggressive and is responding to China on multiple levels. Moreover, India has proved its capability of standing against China by itself, say the analysts. Recently, a European thinktank claimed in its report that China is troubled due to Indian aggression alone. At the same time, the cooperation of the US, India, Japan and Australia quad is strengthening, and this jolts China.    

Last month, the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier warship had participated in world’s most significant war exercise with India near the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This was the first time that a US aircraft carrier warship had visited this region since 1971. Following this, the US has now deployed the deadliest stealth bomber plane B-2 now. Thus, this clarifies the strategic message being delivered to China.    

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