Iran fires long-range missiles in the Indian Ocean

 Washington: – Iran tested missiles with a strike range of 1,000 miles. One of these missiles landed at a distance of 20 miles from a commercial freight ship in the Indian Ocean. Whereas, as informed by a US news agency, the other missile landed just within 100 miles of US aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. A senior Iranian official said that Iran has answered its enemies with these tests.   


Indian Ocean

Iran held huge war exercises in the Strait of Hormuz. Seven hundred patrol ships, meaning speed boats of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, participated in these exercises. An indigenously developed warship carrying five helicopters also participated in the activities. Independent practice for surveillance and attacks drones also was held. While the exercises were being held, Iran announced that it had made massive stockpile of missiles in underground tunnels near the Hormuz coastline. Iranian military also had released photographs of these stockpiles. Two days ago, an Iranian helicopter patrolling in the Strait of Hormuz clicked a few pictures. Iran claimed that the US nuclear submarine USS Georgia is seen in the photos. Iran published these photographs in the media claiming that the US submarines cannot hide from Iran. Neither the United States nor the Middle East countries have given any reaction on these Iranian exercises.  

Indian Ocean

But Iran added to the tension in the region with the tests of the long-range missiles on Saturday. As per the information published by a leading US news agency, Iran launched at least two rockets in the direction of the Indian Ocean. One of them landed 20 miles from a commercial freight ship, and the other landed 100 miles from US aircraft carrier USS Nimitz.   

The revolutionary guards informed that the third missile traversed a distance of 1,118 miles and sank a ship stationed there as a target. A senior Iranian official announced that a ballistic missile was used in the test. At the same time, Iran is issuing warnings to its adversaries by using long-range missiles to hit marine targets. Iranian military Chief Major General Bagheri threatened that Iran would sink enemy warships if a threat is created for the Iranian interests. 

Indian Ocean  The United States had accused Iran of being a threat to the United States and its allies in the Middle East. Against this background, the United States has increased its deployment in the Persian Gulf. The United States has deployed the gigantic aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, submarine USS Georgia and nuclear bomb carrier B-52 bombers in the Persian Gulf.  

In this scenario, it is claimed that Iran has issued a warning to the United States by launching a missile in the US aircraft carrier’s direction. Iran is showing this aggression with just three days to go before Donald Trump steps down as President. 

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