US alleges Russia, to be the cause behind new chemical attack in Syria

Paris/New York : More than 20 people have been killed in the chemical attacks in ‘Eastern Ghouta’ area in Syria on Monday and Assad government is claimed to have launched it. American foreign minister Rex Tillerson has strongly criticised ‘Russia, who is supporting the Assad government is entirely responsible for these attacks’. Russia has refuted the American allegation and has asked for a detailed enquiry.


us, russia, chemical attack, syriaThe Syrian army has started an offensive against the rebels of the ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) from past few weeks. The Syrian army had conducted air raids to gain control over the parts, Eastern Ghouta and Idlib, under the control of the SDF. In a similar action, a chemical weapon was used in ‘Eastern Ghouta’ near the capital Damascus. This allegation was levelled in the international meeting for ‘International Partnership against Impunity for the Use of Chemical Weapons’.

At the time, it was also alleged that the Assad government is responsible for previous chemical attacks held in Syria. Along with the US other countries France, Germany and Turkey also blamed the Assad government for the attacks. American foreign minister Tillerson reprimanded the Syrian government. Tillerson alleged ‘In view of the attack in Eastern Ghouta, there is a fear that the Assad government in Syria is still carrying out the attacks on their population.’

‘Whoever may have carried out the attacks but Russia becomes entirely responsible for these as Russia is involved in the Syrian conflict.’ criticised the American foreign minister. He also said ‘Russia is trying to cover up for the Assad government by using veto or abstaining in the meeting of the United Nations security council for disposal of the chemical weapons arsenal in Syria.’

The echoes of the meeting were also heard in the United Nations headquarters at New York. The American envoy, Nikki Haley, criticised that the Russian support is reason for the atrocities by the Assad government. The Russian envoy ‘Vasily Nebenzya’ had refuted the allegations levelled by the US and its allies.

Nebenzya has criticised the report by the ‘Joint Investigation Mechanism’ (JIM) of being one sided. The American envoy Haley severely criticised the Russian claim. The previous report by JIM saying ‘IS’ is responsible for the chemical attacks was accepted by Russia. But by rejecting this report by the same organisation Russia is having double standards, criticised Haley.

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