Russian Navy capable to cut off Europe’s and US’s internet, warns British Military Chief

London: Russia which dominates unconventional and information warfare, can disrupt communication and commerce between the two continents, Europe and the US, severing internet connection between them, warns the Military Chief of Britain. Russian Navy has increased its presence in the Atlantic ocean and Russian warships and submarines could cut the underwater cables and halt the commerce between the two continents, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, the chief of the defense staff, said in his warning. Policy Exchange, a British think tank, has also backed these claims and has described it as ‘New Phenomenon of Warfare’ in their report.

Europe-US-internetThere are around 213 cable systems installed deep in the sea crucial for the internet in Europe, US and the rest of the world. Worldwide internet works through the fibre cable network, which is estimated to be around 877,121 km long. 97 percent of all the activity on the internet depends on these cables, while financial transactions worth around 10 trillion dollars are carried out through this daily. However, as of today, there is no suitable and comprehensive security system in place to protect such an important cable system.

By highlighting this reality, the British officer brought up the issue of the increased Russian activity in the sea. Russian navy has ramped up the modernisation of its fleet in the last few years and Sir Stuart Peach pointed to the increased presence of their warships and submarines have in the Atlantic ocean and around Europe. He also specifically mentioned Russia’s massive capability at unconventional and information wars.

“There is a massive threat to the security of the underwater cables and that could affect our day-to-day transactions in a big way. If the cables are cut, it could be a catastrophic blow to the economies of the US and Europe. Therefore it is imperative that Britain and the European members of NATO prioritize this issue.”, the British Military Chief clarified in his warning.

The British think tank ‘Policy Exchange’ also published a report on the underwater cables and warned that Russia could cut these cables as a part of the unconventional warfare.

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