US, South Korea, Japan to enhance military cooperation on North Korea denuclearisation

Pearl Harbor: The United States, South Korea and Japan have underscored the North Korean nuclear and missile programs are a severe threat to the region. The three countries have announced strengthening military cooperation to counter the threat. After a meeting between the top military leaders of the United States, South Korea and Japan, the announcement was made.  

Last week, President Joe Biden had announced prioritising security moves in the region. Against this backdrop, a meeting of joint chiefs of staffs of the United States, Japan, and South Korea was held on the Pacific’s Hawaiian Islands. The US Defence Secretary General Mark Milley and his counterparts, South Korea’s General Won In-choul and Japan’s General Koji Yamazaki, attended the meeting. The three generals discussed North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs.  

The South Korean general said military cooperation between the three countries was essential for peace and security in the Korean Peninsula. Also, General Milley said the United States is committed to the security of its allies, South Korea and Japan. Therefore, the United States is ready to provide comprehensive military assistance to them.  

During the meeting, the top military officials of the three countries also discussed the security of the Indo-Pacific region. Admiral Phil Davidson, the outgoing Commander of the US Indo-Pacific Command, and its newly appointed Commander Admiral John Aquino were also present at the time.  

Meanwhile, Admiral Davidson had warned only a few days ago that China’s increasing military activity posed a significant threat to the security of the Indo-Pacific region in the forthcoming years. Admiral Davidson had thus called on the United States to expand its capabilities to counter the threat from China. 

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