Advanced missiles of Russia-China could destroy US satellites, US Space Force chief warns

US satellitesWashington: General John William Raymond, the head of the US Space Force, warned, ‘Space is also becoming a battlefield, just like air, land and sea. The technology is rapidly evolving in the field, and the missiles possessed by China and Russia pose a threat to US satellites in space.’ US military officials and analysts have warned of the threat from China and Russia previously as well.

The US military intelligence agency had released a security report last month. The report warned of the dangers posed to US satellites in space. “China’s anti-satellite missiles can destroy satellites in low-Earth orbit. Besides, the missiles can disable optical sensors of US satellites in space, rendering them useless,” the report stated.

US satellites

US Space Force chief General Raymond has agreed with the points presented in the report. Apart from this, the possibility of US communication satellites and GPS satellites being jammed cannot be ruled out. The US Space Force chief warned that the robotic arm of the Shijian-17 satellite, which China has already launched into space, could capture small satellites orbiting the earth. ‘At the same time, the United States does not want to get into conflicts that begin or extend into space. But our goal is to deter that from happening,’ General Raymond said.

Meanwhile, China is building its space station. International analysts have warned that China can use the space station for military action, triggering a space race.

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