No changes in ‘THAAD’ agreement with the US, claim senior officials of South Korea.

Seoul : Just two days back the South Korean President Moon Jae-in had ordered to stop the deployment of the US missile destroying system ‘THAAD’. This decision of the South Korean President was welcomed by China. Although, President In had stayed the deployment of ‘Thaad’ yet as per information by the South Korean President’s Senior Security Advisor that there were no intentions to make changes in the original agreement with the US. 


Last week, the South Korean President In had expressed intense anger at the deployment of ‘THAAD‘. The Defense Ministry of South Korea, the Military and the Senior Officials had kept the information of ‘THAAD’s deployment hidden from the President. President In had severely criticized this, and had taken necessary actions on certain officials. Thus two days back, the South Korean President had ordered the immediate stoppage of  the deployment of ‘THAAD’.

Some Senators in US expressed concern that as North Korea has been testing its ballistic missiles on a continuous basis and as South Korea has stopped the deployment of ‘THAAD’ the security of the Korean Sector could be endangered. However, President In’s Security Advisor, Chung Eui-yong informed that although the South Korean President may have stopped the deployment of ‘THAAD’ yet there would be no changes  in the agreement relating to the missile destroying system.

The decision to deploy ‘THAAD’  in South Korea was taken considering the increasing threat of North Korea to the security of South Korea and the US soldiers there. Yong added that South Korea has been viewing its decision quite seriously. Although the government in South Korea may have changed it would not make any difference to the military assistance with the US, said Yong.

It has been said that the new liberal President of South Korea, under the influence of China, has stopped the deployment of the missiles. However, the President Office made it clear that the decision to stop deployment of ‘THAAD’ was guided on the basis of rules. President Jae-in’s Office said that the decision to deploy ‘THAAD’ would be taken only after enquiring if the South Korean environmental laws are not sidelined.  

In the meanwhile, on Wednesday, the decision to suspend the deployment of ‘THAAD’ was declared by the South Korean President. After this on Thursday North Korea conducted its ballistic missile tests. After these tests, on Friday, the South Korean President’s Advisor made it clear that they would not back off on the decision of deploying ‘THAAD’.

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