South Korea and Japan sign secret intelligence-sharing deal

Seoul : Against the background of the increasing threat posed by North Korea, a secret intelligence-sharing deal was signed between South Korea and Japan. This deal includes secret information related to the missiles and nuclear programs of North Korea. The US, who is an ally of South Korea and Japan, has welcomed this co-operation.


Discussions were on for the past few months between South Korea and Japan regarding this matter. The opposition parties had demanded that South Korea should not enter into such a deal with Japan. However setting aside the opposition, the South Korean President Park Geun-hye sanctioned the said deal.

Southkorea-japanThis year, North Korea has conducted two major nuclear tests and has test-fired  13 missiles as well. Apart from this, the North Korean  President has been issuing threats to launch missile attack over the US and South Korea. It is also said that North Korea will conduct even higher capacity nuclear tests and launch missiles in future. The US security agencies also have issued similar warning. The North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has made such announcement. It is claimed that North Korea may conduct missile tests before Donald Trump takes over the reins of the US.

Against this background, this special agreement of secret intelligence-sharing between South Korea and Japan was signed. Meanwhile, the sharing of secret intelligence from the border of North Korea and China is also included in this deal.

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