Threat of nuclear escalation in Korean peninsula due to US’s deployment of Thaad missile shield: China

Beijing : The national voice of China claims that the ‘Thaad’ would be the cause for the Korean region to face a nuclear danger, like the one Cuba did in the decade of 1960. 


korea-thaadIt was on the 8th of July that the US and South Korea announced the deployment of the ‘Thaad’. While publicizing the deployment, both the countries declared that it was being done as a response to North Korea’s ballistic missile. South Korea has decided to install this system in six locations.

Given this background, the national representative of China slammed the US and South Korea over the installation of the ‘Thaad’. According to them the deployment of the ‘Thaad’ would increase negativity in the region. This arrangement would bring about a condition like the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis ‘in the Korean region warned the China Daily. 

Five decades earlier in the year 1962, during the cold war between US and Soviet Russia, missiles had been deployed by Russia in Cuba, a Caribbean country located on the southern boundary of America. This deployment could have sparked a nuclear war in the region at that time. 

As a retort to this act of Russia, the US excluded Cuba and deployed the missile in Turkey, which was located near the Russian boundaries. They warned Russia that if the missiles were not pulled back,then that would lead to the spark of a nuclear war between them. At that time the whole world was devastated at the possibility of a nuclear war. Giving this as a reference, the China’s national daily has warned the US and South Korea and asked them to rethink on the deployment of the ‘Thaad’. 

The ‘Thaad’s’ deployment by South Korea would endanger China’s security and also hamper the plans of making this region ‘nuclear free’. Chinese analysts say that this deployment would strain the relationship between China and South Korea and strengthen relations between China and North Korea. 

korea-thaadNorth Korea has tested three medium paced Ballistic missiles on Monday. While South Korea and other foreign countries condemned this act as it indicates the violation of rules made by the United Nations.The western countries have already warned North Korea who is all set to test its 5th nuclear missile.But till date China has not reacted on North Korea’s testing of nuclear missiles.

The Chinese newspaper has continuously criticized the new dictator of North Korea Mr. Kim Jaung, about his response and claim that this is also the reason for the regional tension to get escalated. Now questions are being raised on China’s silence on this issue. It is being seen as an indication of China’s support to North Korea. 

The ‘Thaad’ is also been opposed in South Korea.Thousands of people protested against President Ms.Park’s verdict on Thursday. The demonstration was against the deployment of the ‘Thaad’- an US anti-missile machinery, on the South Korean soils. Whereas the Government and the military claim that the deployment of this machinery would in turn be beneficial for the security of the country.

For now Russia unlike China is opposing the deployment of the ‘Thaad’.Russia has claimed that the US is escalating the tension in this region. 

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  1. Suneeta Karande   July 27, 2016 at 6:59 am

    THAAD is most certainly not a simple technical issue. Deployment of THAAD – an advanced U.S. anti-missile defense system to counter threats from North Korea is opposed by China as well as Russia and seems it would also worsen tension on the Korean peninsula.
    China may be worried as the system’s radar will be able to track its military capabilities.


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