Trump warns US intelligence agency not to accuse Russia of ‘Cyber Hacking’ unless it was verified

Washington: The US intelligence agency has claimed that Russia has manipulated the US presidential election by launching cyber attacks. US has expelled 35 Russian diplomats under these allegations. However, the President-elect Donald Trump has casted his doubts on the allegation made by the US intelligence agency. Trump put forth his direct views by saying that this was a serious allegation and unless it was thoroughly investigated and verified it should not be made.


Trump warns US intelligence agency not to accuse Russia of ‘Cyber Hacking’ unless it was verified

During the US presidential election, Democratic Party’s computers were subjected to cyber-attacks. The US intelligence agency has claimed of being ascertained of Russia’s involvement in these cyber-attacks. The intelligence agency has also claimed that Russian cyber hacking was responsible for the defeat of the Democratic Party candidate, Hillary Clinton in the elections. The allegations on Russia have intensified over the last few days, while President Barack Obama has proclaimed to teach Russia a lesson for their involvement in the cyber hacking. Thereafter, orders to expel 35 Russian diplomats were issued by the US.

Trump had refused to accept this decision made by the Obama Admistration. While speaking at an event organised to usher the New year, President-elect Trump has clarified that the allegations made on Russia were inappropriate. Trump also said that the allegations made by the intelligence agency were of very serious nTrump warns US intelligence agency not to accuse Russia of ‘Cyber Hacking’ unless it was verifiedature and therefore, without making a thorough investigation and verifying proofs they should not be making such allegations. He also said that mistakes could be made by pointing out to the intelligence community being wrong in the past with reference to the information on Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction.

Trump has raised serious questions on the claims being made by the intelligence by pointing out and saying that the ‘CIA’ had released a report stating that the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction. Thereafter, the US logged an attack on Iraq and toppled Saddam Hussein’s regime. Subsequently, it was understood that the information about the weapons of mass destruction was incorrect. A similar mistake could also have been made in the Russian hacking case, said Trump. Therefore, the US political circle appears to have developed a difference of opinion over Russia’s stance.

Donald Trump has clearly indicated to change the policy adopted by the Obama Administration pertaining to Russia once he becomes the President. After the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats, a similar response was being expected from Russia by expelling US diplomats. However, Russia responded by stating that it does not believe in such irresponsible political moves. Donald Trump has hailed the Russian President’s response.

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