Donald Trump criticizes Obama’s visit to Hiroshima

Washington, Dt. 29(Newsagency) – The Presidential candidate of the Republican Party, Donald Trump has strongly criticized US President’s visit to Hiroshima that was part of his trip to Japan. ‘Did Obama who expressed grief over the Hiroshima incident, even mention the attack on ‘Pearl harbor’ while in Japan?’ remarked Trump sardonically. The former US Ambassador to United Nations, John Bolton, too has expressed intense discontent over Obama’s visit.


Donal TrumpThe Presidential candidate of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, criticized President Obama commenting that he did not remember the thousands of American soldiers who were killed in the Pearl Harbor attack. Trump has always criticized Obama’s policies, but his remarks following his becoming the presumptive nominee, only point to a criticism that is getting sharper by the day.

Obama, in Japan on Friday for the G7 summit, visited the Hiroshima Memorial becoming thus, the first sitting President of US to visit Hiroshima. ‘The horror of this nuclear attack could hold a moral lesson. All should make an effort to avoid this sort of a war and attacks’ appealed President Obama at this time. However, he had already made clear that he would not apologize for the attack.

President Obama’s visit has spurred mixed reactions in the US and in Japan. The general tone of reactions in the US express disapproval of an American President’s visit to the memorial as it was the US who launched the nuclear attack on ‘Hiroshima’ and ‘Nagasaki’.

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