US NSA assures British PM Johnson that President Trump fully supports ‘No Deal Brexit’

Third World WarLondon/Washington: The US National Security Advisor (NSA), John Bolton, assured British Prime Minister Boris Johnson of complete US support to his decision. He said, “if the United Kingdom opted for the ‘No Deal Brexit’, to exit from the European Union, the United States would offer full support to it. Bolton did not only provide support for No Deal but also announced that the United States would give the UK preference in trade agreements and cooperation in other areas post Brexit.

Last month, Boris Johnson took over as the British Prime Minister and had announced that the United Kingdom would exit the EU on or before 31st October under any circumstances. The Johnson government has said that the No Deal Brexit was preferable and has initiated intense preparations for the eventualities. All the British agencies have been instructed to make preparations for the No Deal Brexit. Even the British populace has been revealed to consider the No Deal the feasible alternative and begun hoarding on life essentials.

US NSA assures British PM Johnson that President Trump fully supports 'No Deal Brexit.'The aggressive stance adopted by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has become a cause of concern for the European Union. The bloc has started using pressure tactics to trouble the Johnson government and has refused to make any changes to the current draft of the agreement. At the same time, the EU has been accused of instigating the British groups opposing Prime Minister Johnson. However, without paying any heed to the pressures, Prime Minister Johnson has initiated rapid steps for No Deal. He has thus indicated that if the need arose, No Deal Brexit would be executed leaving even the parliament aside.

Given the developments, the firm support from an ally such as the United States is a significant factor. Although US NSA John Bolton discussed various issues during his two-day visit, the Brexit crisis was at the forefront.

In the two days, Bolton held discussions with the British Finance and Commerce Ministers along with the Prime Minister. As per sources, the discussions centred around the preference of the United States for the trade agreements and economic cooperation in the post Brexit period.

Bolton assured that the Trump administration was entirely with the Johnson government on the Brexit issue. He said, ‘The Trump administration hopes that the United Kingdom will successfully exit from the European Union on or before 31stof October. After that, deepening the trade cooperation in the Atlantic region can be immediately focussed upon. The United States will enthusiastically welcome the No Deal Brexit and support it fully. This is the message I bring to the United Kingdom from the United States; We firmly stand with you.’

British Prime Minister also has only supported the No Deal Brexit option. As per the alternative, the United Kingdom would exit the European Union without signing any agreement. It would lose the ‘Single Market’ and ‘Customs Union’ benefits of the European market. It would resultantly hit the British companies exporting to Europe. As per No Deal, no agency would be operational for verification in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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