The US is considering the possibility of establishing a permanent base in Poland; US President

Washington: ‘Eastern Europian country Poland, has given a proposal for establishing a permanent military base. Considering Russia’s aggressiveness, we are considering Poland’s proposal seriously,’ announced US President, Donald Trump. President Trump said that Poland’s President has also expressed readiness to count $200mn for raising the US Military Base. Strong reactions are expected from Russia on this announcement of the US


US-PresidentPoland’s President, Andrej Duda is on the US visit and had a meeting with President Trump. During this meeting, President Duda put a proposal for the US Military Base in Poland. ‘It is necessary to establish America’s permanent base in Poland, who is strategically under influence of Russia’, said President Duda. Poland’s President expressed confidence that considering NATO country, America’s President will take appropriate decision on this demand.

President Trump welcomed the proposal given by Poland’s President. He also said that this proposal is financially and strategically beneficial to the US. Strategically, Poland’s position in East Europe is all the way important for the US. Moreover, Poland is ready to count money for this military base- this underlines an important fact for the US , said President Trump.

President Trump also justified statements by Poland’s President on Russia. Over the last few months, Russia has started taking aggressive steps towards Eastern Europe. Due to this, the US is also keen to raise a permanent base in Poland, claimed President Trump. The US Defense Minister, James Mattis too has this proposal.

Russia has permanently been opposing the US deployment of Missile Interceptor System, ‘Patriot’ in Poland. Moreover, Russia had also warned this neighbouring country after the NATO’s War Exercises in Poland, a few months back. Therefore, the burning reaction is expected from Russia over President Trump’s announcement of raising permanent military base in Poland.

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