Trump administration aggressive for ousting illegal refugees

Washington :  The Trump Administration  has already begun  taking tough steps to urgently expel immigrants who are staying in the US illegally. The Department of Internal Security which has the responsibility of expelling immigrants, will now be given extraordinary powers which include the power to deport immigrants caught in any part of US. Earlier this department had the right to deport immigrants who were caught in a restricted area and within  a limited time frame.


The US President  Donald Trump has been persistently taking a tough stance against immigrants who are residing unlawfully and illegally. Trump has already taken important decisions to deport illegal immigrants presumed to be more than a crore as well as restrict entry to a bulk of new illegal entrants. Though the President’s decisions have been challenged in the Court, it appears from his latest moves that he will not budge.  

The US Department of Internal Security has submitted a proposal to the Trump Administration wherein a request has been made that the Department be invested with power to deport any illegal migrant caught in any part of the States. Likewise, the Department has made an appeal to withdraw any facilities given to the migrants immediately. The provisions made by the earlier Government were such that any migrant residing illegally in US, if caught within two weeks of his entry has to be hurriedly deported.

However, in the new proposal a request has been made to extend the deadline up to 90 days to catch the illegal migrants. There are indications that  if the proposal is approved, then all the facilities which were given to the migrants would be stopped once and for all. As per information given by sources, US Parliament’s approval for executing new rules would not be required.  

Consultants or those  groups  who are working for the migrants in US have expressed fear that if the the new proposal is accepted then the act of expelling would lead to a mass exodus. The concern is that the new proposal would also take away the lawful rights of the migrants.

Ever since President Trump has assumed Office in US, rounding up of illegal migrants has gained momentum, and in a matter of four months more than 41,000 migrants have been arrested.

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