China warns US over ‘One China’ policy

Beijing/Washington : If Donald Trump, challenging the ‘One China’ concept of China, establishes cooperation with Taiwan, the peace and stability within Taiwan will be suffered.  Stating this categorically, China sternly warned that its relations with the US will be disturbed, it the US meddles in the issue. On the other hand, the US has said that against the backdrop of growing threat from China, Taiwan should enhance its defense capabilities and increase its defense budget.

China warns US over ‘One China’ policy

Donald Trump had challenged China’s ‘One China’ concept, a couple of days ago. The US is not bound to the ‘One China’ policy of China, declared Trump. Under the ‘One China’ concept, Taiwan is projected to be a part of China only. Hence, China has adopted the stand that the US and other nations should not politically or financially deal with Taiwan independently and must talk with China only in this matter.

Till now, the US had established military cooperation with Taiwan although it had not completely opposed the ‘One China’ principle. But Trump has challenged China stating that this ‘One China’ principle itself is not acceptable to him. Few days back, Trump had a telephonic discussion with the President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-Wen. China had conveyed its protest to the US in strongly worded terms. China had also threatened that this can become a cause of further strain in the US-China relations. However, Trump had shown that he does not care about China’s threats.

Trump had conveyed to China in no uncertain terms that the condition of accepting China’s ‘One China’ principle does not apply to the US and China cannot enforce it upon the US. Besides, Trump had criticized strongly that the soft approach adopted by the US in the past vis-a-vis the ‘One China’ policy is not acceptable to him.  Trump had questioned as to why the US should accept this policy of China, when the US is not getting any subsidies from China. It is evident that this has attracted a far more intense reaction from China.

Taiwan is an issue of the sovereignty and integrity of China and there will not be any compromise over this, warned Ann Fengshan, spokesperson of the Taiwan Affairs Office. The ‘One China’ policy is the foundation for the peace and stability of Taiwan and the stability of Taiwan could be endangered, if an attempt is made to damage this policy, warned Fengshan.

While this warning is being issued by China, the US Foreign Ministry has appealed to Taiwan to increase their defense budget. The US has expressed concern that in spite of the increased threat from China, Taiwan has not increased its defense capabilities.

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