The Time has come to show Trump his place, claims EU commissioner Hogan

Third World WarBrussels: It is necessary to take a harsh stance to retaliate against the trade war started by President Trump and the time has come to show Trump his place, warned Commissioner of the European Union, Phil Hogan. While aggressive warnings are being issued from the European Union, President Trump also has indicated the hardening of his stand in the matter. Trump has openly threatened that if a solution is not worked out with the European Union (EU), the cars imported from Europe will still be targeted.


A few days ago, President Trump had said that the European Union is at bad as China and had threatened to impose new taxes against the European countries. Although he is fond of Europe, they have been consistently unfair to the United States, accused the US President. In view of the consistent contempt by the United States, European Union has become aggressive, and the feeling of a tit-for-tat retaliation is growing stronger in the Union.

EU, Phil hogan, donald trump, china, trade war, usStatement of Phil Hogan, EU Commissioner for ‘Agriculture and Rural Development’ is symbolic of the same feeling. ‘There exists a difference of opinion in the European Union (EU) about whether a tough stand needs to be taken against the United States or a soft one. I am of the opinion that there should take a tough stand. Someone who is threatening you irresponsibly has to be bullied. If the 500 million people of Europe unite, we can make Trump realise his mistake and only then can we show Trump his place,’ warned Hogan.

This warning is significant, as it comes when the Jean Claude Juncker the Secretary-General of the European Union is leaving for his United States visit. Junker is reaching the United States on Wednesday and will be holding discussions with President Trump and other senior US officials and leaders during his visit. The senior leaders in the European Union had tried to open a dialogue with President Trump even in the past, but only in vain and there are not too many expectations attached to this Junker visit too, claim sources.

Against this backdrop, the US President has indicated that there will be no change in his stance towards that European Union. While speaking at an event under the ‘Made in America’ campaign at the White House, Trump termed the policies of the European Union concerning the United States as harsh. He noted that the officials of the European Union would be coming to the discussion table and efforts will be made towards a possible solution being worked out. However, if that is not the case, then the European cars imported into the United States will face a tax burden, warned President Trump.

After targeting the European countries by imposing taxes on cheap Steel and Aluminium, President Trump had already warned the countries that tax at 20% might be levied on the cars imported from Europe. While issuing the threat, Trump had claimed that Europe can send their Mercedes to the United States but, the United States cannot export its cars to Europe.

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