Spoiled so far due to the US trade subsidies, China will now be taught a lesson, indicates President Trump

Third World WarWashington: President Donald Trump has once again taken an adamant anti-China stand after the ‘US-China High Level Trade Discussions’ in China. President Trump gave indications of aggression saying, ‘China has become too spoiled because of the huge profits made from its business with the United States and will be taught a lesson’. During the discussions with China, the US delegation also clarified that they were firm on fair trade practices.


A trade war has been sparked off between the United States and China for the last two months and both countries have announced severe sanctions against each other. US President Trump had taken an aggressive stance against China ever since his presidential campaign and had warned to take actions in order to make corrections in the trade imbalance between the two countries.

us, trade war, china, subsidies, donald trumpThe United States declared a trade war against China in the month of April and imposed sanctions on Chinese imports worth $50 billion. In retaliation, China also imposed additional duties on more than 100 products from the United States. President Trump took an even more aggressive stance after the Chinese reply and announced that the imports of Chinese goods to the tune of $100 billion will be targeted.

Against this background the High-level discussions held in China were considered significant. The United States had expressed its seriousness about the matter by sending a delegation led by the Secretary of Finance. The Chinese media had published news reports of the talks ending on a positive note after two days of discussions. However, the United States media had said that nothing substantial has been achieved in the meeting. Everyone, therefore, was waiting for President Trump’s reaction in the matter.

President Trump clarified his position about the discussions in China through a tweet on Friday. In the tweet he said that the US delegation met with the Chinese leaders and entrepreneurs, also clarified that the outcome of these discussions will be finalized in a meeting on Saturday. The US President also indicated that there is no deviation from his stance about China. ‘China has become spoiled because of the huge profits it is making from the trade with the United States and henceforth it will be a difficult path for China’, warned President Trump.

This reaction is a clear indication that President Trump has not changed his aggressive anti-China stand. Sources have predicted a possibility of an action, including imposition of new restrictions against China. In the meanwhile, in a statement released by the US delegation to China, it was firmly stressed upon that both the US and Chinese economies will prosper only through honest and fair trade practices.

China must not threaten United States Companies and citizens

Washington: The White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders issued a stern warning, ‘we strongly protest the Chinese pressure on private companies from the United States to use political language. China should stop threatening and forcing the passenger airlines companies and citizens of the United States’.

us, trade war, china, subsidies, donald trumpChina’s Civil Aviation Administration had served notices to 36 foreign travel companies in the last month. The notice demanded that the companies must mention Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao as per the directions of the Chinese government in their advertisements and on their websites. Many countries including the United States mention Taiwan and Hong Kong independently.

In view of this, United States has taken an aggressive stance against the notice and the White House Press Secretary Sanders has warned that we will not allow China to impose its political viewpoint on the US companies and citizens. She also warned that the Chinese efforts to impose censorship on the United States and other countries will be opposed. 

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