Foreign ministers of Russia and US to discuss Nord Stream – 2 pipeline project, US State Dept official claims

Moscow : The US State Department officials claimed that the foreign ministers of the United States and Russia may hold discussions over the ambitious Nord Stream-2 pipeline, connecting Russia with Germany and against which the US has imposed sanctions. Foreign Ministers of both countries will be attending the meeting of the Arctic Council to be held this week. The discussions during the meeting are expected to address the Nord Stream-2 issue possibly. Meanwhile, reports reveal that Germany has permitted constructing the Nord Stream-2 pipeline within its territorial waters.


usa , America Nord Stream2 , russia, US PresidentAfter the conflict with Ukraine, Russia was forced to explore other routes for supplying gas to the European countries. The decision to build the Nord Stream pipeline was taken after it. The first phase has been completed, and the pipeline project between Russia and Germany is in the last stages. Former US President Donald Trump had adopted a very aggressive stand against the Nord Stream pipeline and had imposed sanctions against it. However, after the change of guard in the United States, Russia and Germany, both have initiated rapid steps to complete the Nord Stream-2 pipeline project.

Currently, the Nord Stream project is 95% complete. Germany has also granted permission for construction within its territorial waters. Against this background, the statement made by the official from the US State Department attracts much attention.

usa , America Nord Stream2 , russia, US PresidentThis week, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov will be attending the Arctic Council meeting. The US official has said both the leaders are supposed to hold talks on the sidelines of the council meeting, and the Nord Stream-2 issue can feature at this time. Nevertheless, the US Official reiterated the US stand on the project, saying the Russian project is a threat to Europe’s energy security.

US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, had warned to use all the possible options against the Nord Stream-2 Pipeline after taking over as the Secretary of State in January.

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