Coronavirus deaths increase in thousands

Rome/Washington – For the first time, Coronavirus claimed nearly a thousand lives in a single day. In the last 24 hours, the number of deaths in Italy was approximately 1,000. The number of cases in the United States has reached a hundred thousand, and there has been an addition of nearly 29,000 cases in just last two days. Given the intensity of the spread, a dreaded possibility is being predicted that the number of cases will double in no time.  

The pandemic has claimed 28,841 lives till today, and there are 623,296 cases of Coronavirus around the globe. Out of these, more than 24,000 patients are said to be in a critical condition. Except for four countries, all the countries of the world are affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.  

969 deaths have been reported only from Italy, in 24 hours and the total number of fatalities has reached 9,134 in the country. But this information is till Friday, as Italy publishes the information for the day the following day. Therefore, there is a thick possibility that the number of deaths in Italy will have crossed 10,000 on Saturday itself. More than 900 deaths have been reported from Spain too. The number of Coronavirus cases has increased by 8,000 in the last 24 hours.  

373 people have died in the United States in the previous 24 hours, and 18,000 new cases have been detected. 

Along with this, the number of deaths in the United States is steadily rising towards 2,000. More than 500 deaths have been reported even from the United Kingdom, and the number of cases has crossed 17,000. Within hours of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson showing signs of Coronavirus infection, it was reported that British Health Minister Hancock also had contracted the infection.  

12 people have died in Israel, and there are 3,500 Coronavirus cases in the country. Russia has reported 4 deaths, and 1,264 people have contracted the disease. Whereas, 4 people have died in Saudi out of 1,203 cases. 42 lives have been claimed in Iraq, and 29 deaths have been reported from the North African country of Algiers. 

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