Hamas launches rocket attacks on Israeli destroyer

Tehran: – Rocket attacks were launched on an Israeli destroyer deployed in the Mediterranean Sea. The Al Qassam Brigade of Hamas accepted the responsibility of the attack. The details of damages caused due to the attack on the Israeli destroyer have not been revealed. But the western media have started claiming that these Hamas attacks can lead to intensifying the conflict.   


Israel has closed the Gaza border since Hamas started launching rocket attacks into Israel last week. At the same time, Israel has deployed destroyers and patrol vessels in the marine region near Haifa city. The Al Qassam Brigade announced that the rockets were launched to target an Israeli destroyer patrolling near the maritime limits of Gaza. This armed wing of Hamas has claimed to have targeted the Israeli destroyer. But the Israeli military has not revealed any details. A few days ago, the Al Qassam Brigade launched rocket attacks on the military bases at Ashkelon and Kisoofim. 

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