Russia airstrikes 180 ISIS militant bases in Syria; terrorists intensify attacks

Moscow/Damascus : The Russian military has intensified action against ISIS in Syria. In the last two days, the Russian fighter jets attacked at least 180 ISIS locations in Raqqah, Deir ez-Zor and Homs, informed the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. At the same time, reports revealed that the militants had escalated bomb attacks on the Syrian army and civilians.


killing 15 ISIS members, Russian fighter jets, Syrian Desert, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, SOHR,On Saturday and Sunday, the Russian fighter jets deployed in Syria’s Hemim airbase carried out fierce airstrikes on ISIS militant bases for two consecutive days. This includes militant bases in Badiya Desert, Syria. Moreover, these jets also attacked Jabal al-Bishri between the Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor border and even the Atheria area of Hama. Human rights groups have said these attacks have caused massive damage to the terrorists. However, Russia has not published any details of this attack.

This is the second biggest operation this month jointly carried out by Russia and the Syrian army on the terrorists. Besides, these militants have launched counter-attacks against the alliance of Russia and the Syrian army. According to reports, terrorists targeted a Syrian army vehicle in Idlib, Syria. Three Syrian soldiers lost their lives, while four others are claimed injured in the attack. Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusra has accepted the responsibility for this attack. Jabhat has informed it carrying out 39 attacks in Idlib, Latakia, Aleppo and Hama regions.

Besides, a Syrian newspaper has reported a car bomb blast in Aleppo. Six terrorists of the Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army are said to have been killed in the incident. However, the Syrian army and news channels did not verify the reports. On Monday, the Presidential election campaign in Syria began. In such a situation, the conspiracy to cause unrest by carrying out attacks in Syria and efforts to foil these attempts by launching counter-attacks have intensified.

Meanwhile, over the last year, 1423 soldiers of the Syrian army and its allies have lost their lives in these terror attacks, as per local human rights groups. Moreover, these deaths include that of two Russian soldiers and 149 Iran-backed groups, alongside terrorists.

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