Increase in the number of suspected terrorists in Europe

Brussels : The ‘Europol’ has presented a shocking report that the count of suspected terrorists in the European countries is consistently on the rise and in the last two years there has been an increase of nearly 200 % in it. ‘Europol’ is European Union’s independent police agency and in the report presented by them on Thursday, new figures regarding the terrorism in European countries have come to light. It has also been exposed that out of the total terrorists arrested by the security agencies, nearly one-third of the terrorists were below the age of 25.


Since the last few months, there have been constant terrorist attacks, taking place in the leading European nations like Britain, France and Germany. There have been 3 major terrorist attacks in Britain since the last 4 months. Against all these grounds, the report presented by ‘Europol’ has proved to be grabbing attention. In its report, the ‘Europol’ has informed that in the year 2016, 13 major terrorist attacks occurred and it was clarified that 135 people were killed in them.

There has been an increase in the number of activities of the terrorist organization, ‘IS’ in the European countries and the ‘Europol’ has expressed concern over the rising participation of youngsters at a distressing level in this organization. At the same time, it has also been recorded in the report about the shocking participation of women in the terrorist activities. It has come to light that 26% of the suspects arrested for terrorist activities in the year 2016, were women. This year 718 persons were arrested for the participation in the terrorist activities.

The ‘Europol’ has also provided the information in its report that last year in 8 countries, in the whole of Europe, the Europol had success in foiling more than 140 terrorist attacks.

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