Hinting at US & EU, Erdogan says those concerned of rebels welfare not Turkey’s friends

ErdoganAnkara : The charge-sheet filed against the rebels by the Turkish government accuses CIA and FBI of training the coup plotters. At the same time, Turkish President did not mince his words sending out a clear message to USA and the European nations.   “The countries and leaders who are concerned with the welfare of rebels instead of the citizens of Turkey and its democracy, cannot be allies of Turkey.“, warned Erdogan.

After the failed coup attempt President Erdogan has been making a series of hostile accusations against the Western nations. And he has received equally swift replies from the US and European nations. Erdogan is blaming them for lack of concern for democracy and people of Turkey, instead the US and other European nations are worried about the condition of the rebels. It was expected, that these countries would stand with Turkey in its hard times, but they have decided to back the rebels instead, claims President Erdogan questioning their sincerity as allies.

Speaking to his supporters on Friday, Erdogan said the reports of action being taken against 70 thousand people in Turkey are false, and blamed the West for spreading such misinformation.

gullenJoseph Votel, General of the American ‘Central Command’, expressed strong displeasure on the actions taken against large no of military officials in Turkey. Taking umbrage, he said all the officials of the Turkish Military, who have supported US in Iraq and Syria in its fight against the ‘IS’ have been jailed. Votel expressed fear, that this might impact the campaign against the ‘IS’. At the same time, he clarified, that there is no connection between US and the rebels who attempted the coup.

In the meantime, while these clarifications are being presented by the US, the charge-sheet claims that Muslim Cleric Fetullah Gulen residing in the US was used as a cover by the US to topple the Turkish Government. The government prosecutors said the charge-sheet accuses CIA and FBI of having trained the rebels.

Turkish Army Foils Attack on Defence Base


The Turkish Armed forces foiled the attack by Kurdish rebels on the Defence base in the Hakkari province, in Southeast Turkey. According to the information given by the Turkish military the defence base in Cukurova was attacked by the rebels belonging to ‘Kurdistan Workers Party’ (PKK), in 3 independent groups. In the ensuing counter offensive 34 rebels were killed while 8 soldiers lost their lives. 

Significantly, just a week ago a coup attempt against the President Erdogan was foiled.

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