17 terrorists killed in the US attack on ‘IS’ camp in Libya

Washington : The United States launched an attack on the ‘IS’ camp in Libya, killing 17 terrorists. On Sunday, the American African Command ‘Africom’ announced the attack, which was launched on 22 September. Due to defeat in Iraq and Syria, it is being claimed that terrorists of ‘IS’ have entered in some parts of Libya. On this backdrop, the attack on Libya by the United States is considered to be important.


This is the first air strike launched by the US on Libya, since Donald Trump assumed the presidency of the US. US Africa Command informed that 17 ISIS terrorists were killed and three trucks were destroyed in this attack that occurred on 22nd September. This place where attack occurred is about 150 miles from Sirte city of Libya and the camp was used to move terrorists in and out as well as to store weapons, said ‘Africom’.

Libyan militants of ‘IS‘ have currently occupied the ‘Sirte’ city and the surrounding areas. Last year, there was a great conflict between ‘IS’ and other Libyan organizations which had stood against the terrorist organizations. ‘ISIS’ had to face defeat and United Nations-backed government took lead. Therefore, it is said that ‘IS’ terrorists have migrated to Sirte and the surrounding areas. But, in recent times, fear has been expressed that the ‘IS’ terrorists not only from Libya but even from Iraq and Syria are heading towards ‘Sirte’.

Due to defeat in Iraq and Syria, escaped ‘ISIS’ terrorists have entered Libya. This main reason being an internal conflict that sparked in Libya after Muammar Gaddafi’s power was overthrown, leading to instability in the country. In such a situation, the terrorists of ‘IS’ can get the security they need in the deserted city like ‘Sirte’ of Libya. Although the current Libyan government has succeeded in the conflict with ‘IS’, this government has not yet been able to establish control over the entire Libya. Taking advantage of this, the ‘IS’ terrorists started building new camps here.

Fear has been expressed that in the near future, a new center of ‘IS’ will be established in the Sirte and that this dangerous terrorist organization will plan new attacks from here. On this backdrop, the attack by the ‘Africom’ of the United States on the ‘IS’ terrorists in Libya is noteworthy. Since few last months, the US has intensified anti-terrorist activities, and President Donald Trump has granted special authority to ‘CIA’ in this regard. 

These special rights also include the permission to conduct ‘drone strikes’. It is seen that CIA has started executing/experimenting these rights and that the attack on the IS camp in Libya is its part.

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