Russian President trying to take over Ukraine; claims former Ukrainian military official

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Kiev: There are signs of a dispute flaring up between Russia and Ukraine. The Ukrainian Ambassador to the United Nations, Volodymyr Yelchenko accused Russia of militarizing Crimea, the region that it had sliced out of Ukraine three years ago. Yelchenko said that these Russian military movements are a threat to the Ukrainian security. The efforts of Russian President, Vladimir Putin are directed towards making Ukraine politically, economically and militarily weak and taking over the country, claimed former Deputy Chief of the Defence Forces Ihor Romanenko.


Ukrainian militarySince the last few days, the tension near the Ukrainian border with Russia has been increasing. Ukraine had criticised that the pro-Russia rebels have sneaked into the eastern Ukrainian regions and are on a rampage. Ukraine has accused that Russia is trying to annex the states of Donetsk and Luhansk just like Crimea. There were reports in the last week, of increased Russian naval movements in the Sea of Azov. Ukraine had alleged that Russia is attempting to cut off the access of the Ukrainian navy with the international marine sector by gaining control over this marine sector.

The Ukrainian Ambassador to the United Nations, Yelchenko heavily criticised Russia while presenting his country’s side before the United Nations regarding these developments. The Ukrainian Ambassador alleged that the Russian movements in the Sea of Azov are in violation of the international maritime regulations. At the same time, Yelchenko informed that the Russian military movements in Crimea also are also on the rise.

Yelchenko claimed that Russia is trying to make use of Crimea for its action in Syria. The effects of Russian militarisation of Crimea will not be limited only to Block C, but will be felt in southern Europe, North Africa and the Gulf countries as well, warned Yelchenko. These Russian movements in Crimea are a serious concern for Ukraine, criticised Yelchenko.

Romanenko claimed that the the Russian activities are not only limited to Crimea but Russian President Vladimir Putin has created a big plan for Ukraine. Romanenko claimed that the Russian plan envisages overthrowing the current Porochenko government in Ukraine and replacing it by a pro-Russian government. The former Deputy Chief of Staff and military analyst Romanenko accused that after installing a pro-Russian government in Ukraine, a conspiracy will be hatched to weaken the Ukrainian economy.

If things go this way it will be very easy to gain control over Ukraine. Therefore, the Russian President plans to take over Ukraine through internal developments instead of attacking its borders, claimed Romanenko.  Like Romanenko, other military analysts have also levelled similar accusations against Russia.

Meanwhile, these analysts claim that Russia is planning to manipulate the results of the upcoming elections in Ukraine through cyberattacks. It is also being said that Russia was behind the cyberattacks carried out on the financial institutions and banks in Ukraine two days ago. The Ukrainian officials have blamed a Russian hand in the explosion in the arms depot at ichnya in Chernihiv region of Ukraine.

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