Protests against police actions turn violent in US

Five policemen killed in "Sniper” attack

Washington (News Agency): The deaths of two African-American youths in Police actions in Minnesota and Louisiana in the USA is evoking strong reactions throughout the country. In many cities including New York and Los Angeles, protests and demonstrations have started with the slogan “Black Lives Matter” and the protests in Dallas have turned violent. On Thursday night, during the protests, two snipers targeted the policemen who were providing security. Five policemen lost their lives in this attack. It is said post 9/11, this is the first time that so many policemen have lost their lives in a single attack.

Sniper” attack-protests -Police

In the districts of Louisiana and Minnesota in the USA, on 5th and 6th July, the regional police actions had resulted in deaths of two African American youths. On 5th July, 37 year-old, Elton Sterling was shot dead while on 6th July, in Minnesota, police had fired bullets on 32 year old Filando Castelle. These incidents happening on two succeeding days has evoked strong reactions throughout the country.    

In Dallas, the aggressive “Next Generation Action Network” group had organized protests against the police action. Apart from the local senator Royce West, more than 800 citizens had joined in the protest. While the protest was in progress, at about 9 PM, two snipers started firing bullets on the policemen.

It is reported that 11 policemen were attacked, 5 have lost their lives while 6 are seriously injured and have been hospitalized. Security agencies reported of 1 civilian also being injured. One attacker, an Army reservist sniper was killed by police in robot bomb while the second sniper has been taken into custody. The targeting of the policemen providing security during the protests has caused a deep turmoil in the USA.

President Obama has criticized the incident in strong words saying,“The attacks on policemen is a part of a deeper planned conspiracy. In Dallas, the policemen were doing their duty of protecting civilians. Attacks on policemen is an inhumane deed”.  

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