US’s ‘F-22’ fighter-jets in Romania

To protect European allies from Russia


The American ‘F-22’, the most advanced combat aircrafts have touched down in the Romanian airbase. The deployment of these warplanes, a show of strength, is meant to send out the message, that should the need arise, the US is committed to protecting its allies. Meanwhile the pilot of these jets has stated that there is no intent to incite anybody. However, the Russian NATO envoy responded with a warning of necessary action on Russia’s part.REUTERS/Toby Melville

It is only a few days back that NATO and Russia held talks. Russia claimed that the NATO nations had been challenging Russia with their military manoeuvres whereas the NATO making a counter allegation against Russia, had expressed concern about the security of its member nations. Following the failing of these talks, both the sides have stepped up military activity in the Baltic region. Accelerating manoeuvres of its defence forces, Russia has, over the last few months, braced itself up in this region, claim the US and the NATO. Several reports released in this context clearly warn that the European member nations of NATO are not incapable of facing the Russian forces. The reports also claim that the capability of the US defence forces is limited and countering Russia is going to prove impossible even for the US.

The military officials of both the US and the NATO had expressed serious concern over Russia’s military manoeuvres in Europe. Referring to the incident where a Russian jet buzzed the USS ship, a Destroyer, John Kerry, the US Secretary of State said, it could well have stoked aggressive conflict between the countries, adding further that the Destroyer could even have shot down the jets. Russia on the other hand sticks firm to its stand that there was nothing objectionable about the air exercise. In the light of these incidents, the tension in the region has escalated and all prominent print media have made note of it.

‘Dan Barina’, the 26 year-old chief pilot of the F-22 aircraft has made important statements about this deployment. ‘We are not here to provoke anybody. We are here to work with our allies. Alexander Grushko, Russia’s envoy to NATO clearly stated that the relations between Russia and NATO nations have not improved and so it would not be appropriate to make a comment yet.

Meanwhile the print media of the world claim that Russia is gearing up for the third world war. The western media in particular had begun to make claims that the Russian jets buzzing over the US naval ship, a destroyer, is indeed an indication of the third world war. It therefore appears that the deployment of the F-22 in Romania is a retaliatory message from the US. The fact that just a day before the deployment, the American President advised the chief nations of Europe to step up spending on defence cannot be a mere coincidence. It is to be understood as a well-planned strategy to counter the growing strong hold of Russia in Europe

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