NATO should not worry about shadow effects

should take stern action against Russia - urges US President

NATO SummitWarsaw : The US President Mr. Barack Obama, has advocated that Britain’s decision to leave the EU may have shattered the whole of Europe, but that does not indicate that this choice will overpower the decision to take action against Russia. It is Russia that has led to the separation of Ukraine and Crimea and therefore, ‘NATO’ should take stern action against Russia. He further assured that’ Brexit’ will not have any influence on the EU-US relationship.

The US president was at Warsaw to attend the ‘NATO’ summit. There were claims that only two major topics would be the highlight of all discussions at the ‘NATO’ summit. The first being the Brexit results of last month and the other would be Russia. It is indicated that post the ‘Brexit’, EU is on the verge of a breakdown. This may also have a shadow effect on ‘NATO’ – the group formed for the purpose of defence.

Obama NATO Summit
Obama NATO Summit

Mr. Obama on his arrival at Warsaw has clarified that ‘Brexit’ will not impact ‘NATO’. He further announced that ‘Brexit’ may have made the Western countries weaker, but it will not affect the relationship between the EU and America. He added that in spite of ‘Brexit’, the special ties between Britain and America will remain strong and assured that Britain would never exit ‘NATO’.

Mr. Obama urged during the summit that the NATO countries should take informed decisions that would help to save the sovereignty of Ukraine. He further added that steps should be taken towards safeguarding Central and Eastern Europe.

Meanwhile some European countries are demanding the removal of the restriction on Russia. This announcement made by Mr. Obama is being viewed intently.

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