West Bengal & Assam in the net of JMB: warn Intelligence agencies


New Delhi:According to the intelligence bureau’s latest advisory,post the terror attacks in Bangladesh, ISIS by using its terrorist network in Bangladesh is planning terror attacks in India.The Intelligence Bureau further said in its report that the Bangladeshi terrorist group ‘Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen’s (JMB)creation of  network in West Bengal and Assam is a serious cause of concern for India’s security.   

JMB has joined hands with the terror group ISIS is a well-known fact, further with the help of JMB, ISIS has setup a firm network in Bangladesh. ISIS would now use this terror network to carry out fresh terror attacks in India as said in the intelligence bureaus’ report. As per the Intelligence Bureau report the JMB has setup a terror network in West Bengal and Assam. Likewise, JMB has also spread its wings in some parts of Jharkhand. Young people are being recruited in large numbers by this group, which is a serious cause of concern as mentioned in the fresh Intelligence bureau Report. 

Burdwans bomb blast in 2014 revealed the existence of a big terror network of JMB in West Bengal. In Burdwan one of the bomb blew off while it was being handled by the terrorist resulting in twoof the terrorists gettingkilled.. A large scale planned terrorist attack was foiled due to this incident.

Many people connected with JMB in some or the other waywere arrested from various places across West Bengal. National Investigation Agency (NIA) with the help of other security agencies were successful in nabbing 20 terrorists out of the 30 potentially identified terrorist, the remaining 10 are still at large and absconding. Out of these, 6 were Bangladeshi citizens. The NIA found 94 live hand grenades in the raids conducted by them at various locations. The name of Kausar alias Boaru Mizan surfaced as the mastermind of the hand grenade factory. Kausar was one amongst the list of 10 absconding terrorist.

The Bangladesh Intelligence Agency’s primary investigation revealed and had proofs that the terrorists who carried out these attacks in Bangladesh were the members of JMB who later joined the ISIS. It is being said that the intelligence agency of Bangladesh had conveyed this information to the intelligence agency of India.

In the month of April there was a bomb blast which happened in the Bogra District of Bangladesh this was very similar to the one which happened in the Burdwan district of West Bengal. In a similar occurrence, here too the Bombexploded while it was being handledwhich resulted in the death of 2 terrorists. The name of ‘Kausar’ surfaced here as wellwhile interrogating the terrorists who were caught during the subsequent crackdown. The make of the hand grenades confiscated by the NIA in Burdwan in West Bengal were exactly similar to the ones which were found in Dhaka and Kishorganj. This clearly reveals that there is a close link between the terrorists of JMB in India and the terrorists who carried out attacks in Bangladesh.

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