President Xi Jinping trying to salvage the lost image of Chinese government with a visit to Wuhan 

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Beijing: – The Chinese government, who faced a lot of flak on the issue of the Coronavirus epidemic, is trying to salvage its collapsed image. As part of this effort, President Xi Jinping visited the city of Wuhan, the place of origin of the epidemic. The Chinese media claimed that the visit proves that the Chinese government has successfully controlled the epidemic. 


In the last week of December, Coronavirus epidemic started from the Chinese city of Wuhan. In the initial phase, the Chinese agencies claimed that the virus was restricted to a certain part of the city. In the second week of January, the Chinese agencies were claiming that there are only 50 cases of Coronavirus. But the situation suddenly changed after that and a larger number of patients and deaths started surfacing. More than 80,000 cases of Coronavirus infection have been reported from China and the number of deaths has reached 3,136. The industry and trade in China have come to a grinding halt because of the epidemic and many small cities have been placed under lockdown. It is predicted that the Chinese economy alone has taken a hit of more than $200 billion, because of the epidemic. The epidemic has reached more than 100 countries in the world and the World Health organisation has said that it will possibly culminate into a pandemic. 

Countries, including the United States, were accusing that Chinese negligence is the cause for the epidemic turning into a pandemic. Experts the world over and the main agencies are claiming that if China had revealed the correct information, at the right time, the epidemic could have been controlled. But China has been consistently dismissing the accusations levelled against it. As the number of cases and deaths reported from China are showing a decline, over the last few days, China seems to have started the campaign to rebuild its image. 

As a part of the same campaign, President Xi Jinping visited the city of Wuhan. At this time, he met the medical officers, military officials and the locals. During his visit, China claimed that the origin of the Coronavirus is not from Wuhan. The Chinese officials and leaders are claiming that this will soon be proved. 

The US media are alleging that China is trying to prove that the Coronavirus epidemic came from another country to China. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a verdict that there is no doubt about the origin of the virus as the Chinese communist government has accepted that the virus originated from China. The US Secretary of State reiterated his allegation that the Chinese government is still hiding factual information regarding the epidemic. 

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