The spread of Coronavirus outside China is a tip of the iceberg, warns WHO

Third World WarGeneva: The number of Wuhan Coronavirus’ patients found in other countries is on the rise. Fear is being expressed that this could only be the tip of the Iceberg, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that the epidemic can spread very rapidly in other countries too. As per the received information, there are 40,627 patients infected with the Coronavirus and 450 of these are outside China.


China has built two independent medical facilities for Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic and has imposed a lockdown on many cities. At the same time, the Chinese military has been deployed in various parts of the country to counter the epidemic. But China has failed to contain the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic despite all this. Against this very background, the WHO has decided to send a special unit to China.

The spread of Coronavirus outside China is a tip of the iceberg, warns WHOEarlier, the Chief of WHO indicated that the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic is getting out of hand and its extent may increase further soon. Tedros Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of WHO warned ‘Wuhan Coronavirus infection has been found in people who have not come in contact with China in any way. As of now, the number of patients in other countries is much less as compared to China. But these numbers could be indications of a major spread. The current picture could be just the tip of an iceberg.’

The WHO chief pointed out that although the spread outside China is currently slow, it can gain momentum at any time. WHO chief Tedros also warned that although the main objective is stopping the epidemic, the opportunities presented by this should be used to prevent the possible outbreak of the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic. The new warning issued by the WHO indicates a change in the initial stand taken by the WHO that the epidemic in China was not a very serious issue.

Meanwhile, the number of people dead in the epidemic has reached 910 and on Sunday alone 97 people died, only in China.

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