Indian concerns increase with the spread of Coronavirus

New Delhi: It has been reported that all the government departments have been given orders to participate in the work to stop the spread of Coronavirus in the country. As per orders, the military has kept its hospitals ready for the confirmed and suspected patients. Whereas, Indian railways also has kept 1,000 beds ready for the treatment of patients with Coronavirus infection. The Indian railways has also made 12,000 beds available, taking due care that the suspected patients do not come in contact with anyone else.

The number of patients with Coronavirus infection, in the country, has crossed 60. New cases have been detected in Delhi and Rajasthan. Meanwhile, Union Health Minister, Harsh Vardhan, has comforted the coronavirus patients, contacting them through video conferencing. The agencies informed that foreigners, as well as Indians returning from abroad, are being subjected to special investigations. Reports have been received that 45 people returning from Italy, have been placed under observation by the Kerala state government.

Indian concerns increase with the spread of CoronavirusThe Indian government announced an important decision to prevent the virus from entering through the foreign ships coming to Indian ports. As per the order, ships coming from the countries having the incidence of the epidemic, will not be allowed to dock in the Indian ports till 31st of March. At the same time, the government has cancelled visas of all the citizens of European countries France, Germany and Spain. At the same time, the health ministry has ordered to place all the people who have travelled to China, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Iran, France, Spain, Germany and Italy, under observation for 14 days.

In the meantime, reports of Indian Medical Association (IMA) appealing to the Union government are being received. Panic is spreading in the people as the reports of the epidemic are being published daily. Therefore, IMA has appealed to the government to keep the news and statistics under wraps. Indications are that India will have to bear the financial implications of the Coronavirus epidemic. Union Minister for Trade and Industry, Piyush Goyal informed the parliament that the Indian industry will be hit by the closure of the factories in China.

Indian pharmaceutical, electronics and the automobile industry is majorly dependent on the raw materials and the products imported from China. The Union Trade and Industry Minister claimed that as these Chinese factories are closed, it will also hit the Indian industry, in turn.

8 in Pune, 2 in Mumbai

Coronavirus has entered Mumbai and two cases have been detected. These patients are being treated at the Kasturba Hospital. The number of patients in Pune has reached 8.

Four people returning from Dubai had tested positive for Coronavirus, in Pune. The Ola cab driver, who dropped one of these couples, from Mumbai to Pune, also had tested positive for the virus. A group of 40 people had gone to Dubai for a tour. When four tested positive, for Coronavirus, search for their co-passengers has started.

Some of them have been located and two of them are in Mumbai and have tested positive for the virus. These patients are being treated in the special ward in Kasturba Hospital.



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