US President Trump may impose ‘Martial Law’

Washington: – Discussions are rife in the US military circles that US President Donald Trump can impose Martial Law to prevent President-elect Joe Biden from taking over the United States’ reins. A leading US weekly, Newsweek, has made this claim. The weekly said that this claim was made after holding talks with serving and former military officials. But President Trump has dismissed this report regarding martial law as fake news, through a tweet. However, it is said that discussions regarding possibilities and alternatives are being held in the US defence department.   

Joe Biden secured a majority in the elections concluded in the last month, and even the electoral college endorsed the Biden victory. But President Trump claimed victory, saying that there were malpractices in individual states. The legal battle started on this issue failed, and it is said that Trump is exploring other options.   

A few days ago, Michael Flinn, former advisor to Trump, had brought up Martial Law’s option in one of the interviews with a news channel. He had suggested that Trump should hold polling again, in some states, using military rights. It had also been reported that the advisors of Flinn and the President held a meeting with the President, following the interview. Sources claim that Flinn and the close associates of President Trump openly advised the President to impose Martial Law.   

Following this report, Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy and Army Chief General James C McConville issued a joint statement. The statement clarified, ‘The US military has no role in the United States‘ elections.’ President Trump called the Martial Law report fake news and said that this was bad journalism. But the discussions, regarding Martial Law, have not stopped despite the tweet by President Trump. The media claimed that meetings are being held at the Pentagon, the military headquarters, and care is being taken that the information does not reach the White House.   

The Newsweek report claims that serving and former military officials have openly dismissed the Martial Law option. It is being pointed out that there is no provision in the US law to impose Martial Law over election results. Simultaneously, an emergency has already been imposed in the United States because of the Coronavirus pandemic, and attention is being drawn to the President’s rights in this situation. Former officials and other sources claim that if Trump supporters try and create trouble in capital Washington and other regions, moves to implement Martial Law can be started based on these disturbances. 

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