US-China conflict will flareup before Biden takes over, warns Chinese think tank

Beijing: – A US-China conflict can flareup in the South China Sea region. South China Sea Probing Initiative (SCSPI), the Chinese think tank, has warned that this could happen even before President-elect Joe Biden takes over the United States’ reins. Meanwhile, there is no reason to be pleased because Biden will be the United States’ new President. A Hong Kong-based news agency has warned that the policies adopted by US President Donald Trump, to stop Chinese expansionism, will become more intense during the tenure of Joe Biden.   


SCSPI has the responsibility to study the South China Sea developments and inform the Chinese communist regime. A few days ago, this think tank supplied some critical information regarding the South China Sea to a leading US magazine. The US magazine claimed that the think tank believes that the threat of a US-China conflict in the South China Sea has become extremely strong.   

The US magazine said, quoting the Chinese think tank, ‘Although the developments in the South China Sea are not reported daily, the Chinese and US navies confront each other every day. This increases the risk of a conflict.’ At the same time, SCSPI appealed to resolve this dispute. The think tank warned, ‘If the United States and China do not take corrective measures in time, there is a possibility of a major accident, resulting in a fierce conflict.’  

The think tank expressed a concern that the threat of US-China conflict has increased and it is nearly impossible to retreat from this. SCSPI suggested that the United States take the initiative if the dispute in the South China Sea has to be resolved. The United States should stop taking sides in the conflicts in this region. The Chinese think tank appealed that the United States should maintain balance in the area and eliminate the military aggressiveness in this region.  

But saying that there is no possibility of the United States retreating from the South China Sea region, the Chinese think tank is indirectly claiming that the United States is responsible for the tension in the South China Sea. This Chinese think tank argues that President Trump will start a conflict in the South China Sea, before stepping down. The Hong Kong-based news agency has warned that the Chinese communist government needs to be cautious with the new administration headed by President-elect Joe Biden.  

A few days ago, President-elect Joe Biden had announced Jake Sullivan’s name as National Security Advisor-designate. Last year, Sullivan had strongly criticised the aggressive Chinese approach in the South China Sea. Sullivan had also accused the Trump administration of failing to stop China.   

Sullivan had suggested, ‘For the freedom of movement and its allies’ security, the United States should make more deployments in the South China Sea region.   

Simultaneously, the Hong Kong-based news agency reminded that Sullivan had said that the campaign against China for freedom of marine movements should be intensified. Therefore, the concerned news agency has warned that President-elect Biden has given clear indications that his administration’s policies regarding the South China Sea will be more aggressive than the Trump administration, with this selection of Jake Sullivan as National Security Advisor-designate. 

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