Pakistan empties the terror bases from PoK, fearing counter strikes by India; increases deployment of Pakistan Rangers

New Delhi: Considering the intense reactions being received from India, Pakistan is grasped with the fear of repeat surgical Strikes. Forty terrorists and some Pakistani soldiers had been killed in the surgical strikes carried out by the Indian army, following the Uri attack. Although Pakistan never openly accepted the claims regarding the surgical strikes, Pakistan faced a lot of humiliation because of the news reports regarding them. Now, fearing a similar retaliation from India, following the Pulwama Attack, Pakistan has emptied all the terror bases, and terrorist launch pads from near the Line of Control (LoC) in Pak occupied Kashmir (PoK). At the same time, the number of Pakistani soldiers and rangers has been increased.

counter strikesPakistan is haunted by the fear of a big Indian action following the Pulwama attack. In view of the experience of the surgical strikes carried out by India, Pakistan, following the Uri attack, has started emptying the terrorist bases and launch pads near the LoC since the last two days, anticipating a similar action. It has been reported that the terrorists have been moved to the camps of the Pakistan military.

Generally, the posts near the LoC are emptied, during the snowfall period every year. But in view of the tension with India, Pakistan has not unloaded these posts this year and maintained deployment of its soldiers there. The number of Pakistani soldiers and rangers has also been reportedly increased at important Locations along the LoC and the international border. The Indian Intelligence and security agencies are keeping a close eye on these Pakistani movements across the border.

Anger is being expressed all around India, following the cowardly terror attack at Pulwama. Prime Minister Modi had said that each tear would be avenged, the terrorists and their guardians have committed a major blunder by carrying out this attack. Prime Minister Modi also said that the defence forces have been given complete freedom to decide, plan and execute any action and any Location, deemed fit. Prime Minister Modi reiterated this while addressing a rally on Sunday. CRPF also has reacted saying that the attack will not be forgotten and will be avenged. Pakistan has become restless because of these intense reactions emanating from India. Pakistan’s this restlessness and the fear of an Indian retaliation is evident from the Pakistani actions in the PoK.

Meanwhile, Pakistan foreign ministry has said in the past, that India is levelling allegations against Pakistan without any evidence, whereas, Pakistan Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi said on Sunday, that if India gave proof, Pakistan would cooperate with India in the matter. At the same time, he said that it is easy to level allegations against Pakistan. Qureshi connected this issue to the upcoming elections in India, asking a question that India should clarify if it wants peace and stability in this region?

Qureshi commented that this issue is being used to draw the people’s attention towards the upcoming elections. Whereas, Pakistan Defence Minister Rehman Mallik made a counter allegation that the Indian intelligence agency RAW was behind the attack. The reactions coming from Pakistan only show the restlessness in Pakistan. Notably, this attack is being condemned from every corner of the world. While various heads of state have given direct reactions regarding the attacks, Pakistan Prime Minister has not given any reaction regarding the attack.

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