Major protests errupt in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir against rigged elections

Major protests errupt in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir against rigged elections

The murder stream started after the announcement of elections in PoK. Followed by this many wrong behaviors were seen during elections and at some places more than 100% voting was reported. Elections took place in last July declared that Nawaz Sharif’s ‘ Pakistan Muslim League-in’ party won 30 out of 40 places and’ Pakistan people’s party’ and ‘Muslim conference’ parties won 3 places respectively. But citizens of PoK have alleged major foul in this elections which was an act of Pakistan’s infamous spy agency ISI. People are asking for justice for the murder stream that happened during elections.


After the election results the public anger burst out in PoK and they are furiously demanding and shouting slogans of ‘Go Nawaz Go’ and against ‘ISI’. At some places there are news of clashes between protestors with police. Even after being threatened by the police forces, the people in PoK are coming out on roads to protest against the Pakistani agencies. At many places Pakistan’s flags were burned. Pakistan is trying hard to hide this unrest in PoK which should not come out in front of world, for which it has put a banon the local news media. But even after that a few videos of protests have been published, due to which world was able to seethe real face of Pakistan.

The so called capital of PoK, Muzaffrabad, Mirpur, Kotli, Chinari are the places where the anti Pakistan protests were held and Pakistan’s anti-India  stance is exposed. Some of the Pakistani  intellectuals, scholars and reporters are expressing anger towards it. By ignoring PoK people’s right, Pakistan is dreaming of snatching Jammu and Kashmir from India, blamed Pakistan’s daily. With that some fighting and scams in elections are reported in PoK, which may hamper Pakistan’s right to raise Kashmir issue in the international community. Also Pakistan’s President Nawaz Sharif’s claim of, Jammu-Kashmir will be in Pakistan, had hurt Kashmiri people’s feeling, as criticized by Pakistan’s reporters.

Protests in PoK reflect wishes of people of Kashmir: India

Election in PoK is nothing but a practice of seizing this land illegally, as blamed by Indian’s Foreign Ministry. Vikas Swaroop Foreign Ministry spokesman said that, these protests in PoK are the reflections of the public wish.

People here had rejected Pakistan is what we can be seen by these protests, Vikas Swaroop taunted. After protest in J&K and action taken on violent protestors, Pakistan tried to raise the issue in international community against India. But protest in PoK has sabotaged Pakistan’s efforts. There are lots of reasons why people in PoK are angry against Pakistan.

People cannot participate in elections if they do not sign on, ‘Kashmir is Pakistan’s part’ pledge. Also candidates and party members who take independent stand will face action from ‘ISI’, which was seen in this election. Not only this, but a few candidates and party members lost their lives and their kins are asking for due justice.

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