No compromise possible on Mexico Wall, necessary for US security, new warning by President Trump

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Washington: President Trump delivered a message to the citizens of the US who have been troubled due to the shutdown. ‘As the approval for the funds of the Mexico Wall was denied, a shutdown was called for but erecting the wall is essential for the security of the United States,’ said Trump as he justified his decision saying. He also said that the matter could be resolved with a mere 45-minute discussion, but the Democrats had adopted a very adamant stance in the issue.


President Trump did not use any aggressive or vitriolic language while addressing US citizens. Nevertheless, Trump asserted that he was not willing to compromise on the Mexico Wall. President Trump highlighted, ‘The situation on the southern US border has become critical. Every day thousands of refugees try to intrude into the United States and stopping them has become a big challenge for the US security agencies.’ He also said, ‘There is no place for illegal immigrants in the United States. It becomes challenging to deport the immigrants if they succeed in entering the country.’

Therefore, it has become a necessity to build a wall on the Mexico border. Even so, the Democrats are not willing to compromise on the subject. It is not only a concern for the US national security but also the future of the citizens. Since the question concerns national security, it needs to be addressed by setting aside politics. Also, a 45-minute discussion could resolve the issue,’ said President Trump as he expressed confidence over the matter. Trump further stated that he had invited the Democratic Party leaders for a discussion and hoped that the problem would resolve through talks.

Meanwhile, President Trump had decided to build the Mexico Wall, to stop the illegal immigrants from intruding into the United States. It requires funding of $5.7 billion, but the funding needs a sanction from the US Congress. However, the US Congress, which holds a Democratic dominance refused to sanction funds for the Trump proposal. The Democrats have said that they cannot make funds available as per the whims of President Trump.

President Trump has announced a shutdown to corner Democrats until the funds are sanctioned. The political conflict which sparked the shutdown has troubled the US citizens as leaving apart a few essential services, most of the government services have been affected by it.

The ruling and opposition parties are blaming each other for the shutdown which has continued for 19 days. Albeit, President Trump seems to have succeeded in convincing the ordinary US citizen that the Mexico Wall was pertinent to national security. It has led the US citizens to believe that the Democratic Party’s obstinate stand was responsible for the shutdown.

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