Soros conspiracy behind the immigrants trying to reach the US; indicates President Trump

Third World WarWashington: President Trump had said that the hordes of immigrants leaving for entry into the United States are an attack on the country. An announcement for deployment of 5,000 soldiers also had been made to stop this influx. But now the number of soldiers has been increased up to 15,000. At the same time, these immigrants are being funded to come to the United States, and President Trump said he would not be surprised if the renowned investor is behind all this. President Trump pointed out that some people have already started making such accusations.


One of the reporters asked a direct question to President Trump ‘Has George Soros funding the immigrants trying to enter into the United States?’ President Trump had given a suggestive reply ‘I don’t know whether this is true, but I will not be surprised if it was found to be correct.’ President Trump went on to claim further that some people have already started making this accusation. The international media are upholding Their statements regarding this. Renowned investor Soros is known to be a staunch opponent of Trump. There have been allegations of Soros conspiring against Trump even in the past. Some people have also criticised that Soros is using his financial might to get Trump ousted from power.

In such circumstances, President Trump’s statements have started a new controversy. A country like Hungary has taken a stern stance against George Soros who is supporting the immigrant influx into Europe. The Hungarian government has passed a bill by the name ‘Stop Soros’ having provisions for harsh punishments for the supporters of immigrants. Soros had expressed severe displeasure about the stance adopted by President Trump against the immigrants. Referring to this there is talk about Soros conspiring against President Trump, and Trump supporters are making direct allegations.

It is claimed that the immigrants will be entering the United States on the same day as the mid-term polls. Therefore, entry into the United States is declared to be a part of a bigger conspiracy. President Trump in apt words has tried to express his doubts to alert the people of the United States. The Trump opponents have warned that if President Trump gets success in the mid-term elections, there will be major bloodshed on the US roads. In this scenario, President Trump has been faced with the challenge of stopping the immigrant influx along with success in the mid-term elections.


George Soros pouring funds in the US elections to achieve his personal objectives

Following President Trump, even the US National Rifle Association (NRA) also has made serious allegations against renowned investor George Soros. NRA has accused that Soros is pouring vast sums of money to ensure victory for his own candidates, in the mid-term elections.

This allegation coming from this powerful group of arms manufacturing and selling entities in the United States has created a sensation. Soros had taken an open stand opposing the Gun Culture in the United States. NRA has accused in their social media posts that Soros is making efforts to get the candidates elected in the mid-term polls who are opposed to the Gun Culture.

The NRA accusations on the social media also say that this is being done by Soros to increase the influence of the elite in the US politics. At the same time, NRA has made a vitriolic criticism that billionaires like Soros can stoop to any level and spend any amount of money to attain their objectives.


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