Nepal government that surrendered its land to China gets in trouble

New Delhi/ Kathmandu: The Prime Minister of Nepal, K.P. Sharma Oli, who stood against India and implemented policies as per Chinese orders is now in trouble. It has emerged that China has grabbed the Nepalese land alongside the Tibetan border and has captured two of Nepal villages. Following this, the opposition party, Nepal Congress, has adopted an aggressive stance against the government. Moreover, the Nepal Congress has demanded PM Oli’s statement on the issue of China’s encroachment on the Nepal land. Besides, the ruling communist party of Nepal is also undergoing a rift. Former Nepalese PM and an influential communist party leader, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, has asked Oli to resign or else he has threatened to divide the party. 


After opposing the Kailash Mansarovar link road constructed by India in Lipulekh, Nepal had shown Lipulekh, Kalapani and Limpiyadhura- the 395 km of Indian territory as a part of Nepal. Moreover, Nepal showed indifference to the Indian appeal to hold peace talks to resolve the conflict. It got both the houses of its parliament to constitutionally approve the controversial Nepal map. Apart from this, Nepal targeted India by constructing new posts on the India-Nepal border, developing new roads, carrying out gunfire at the border in Bihar and changing the citizenship law. Besides, Indian analysts claim that Nepal PM Oli has acted on all this, as indicated by the Chinese. Moreover, the analysts also claimed that PM Oli targeted India to hide his failure and retain his influence in the party. These deductions of the analysts are turning out to be true. 

As the news of China encroaching on the Nepal land near the Tibet border was known, not only the opposition but also the members of the ruling party have severely outraged against Nepal PM Oli. Besides, the Madheshi community also strongly reacted to Nepal’s decision to change the citizenship law. Now, after learning about the Chinese encroachment on Nepal land near the Tibetan border, the prime opposition party in Nepal is also against the ruling government. Moreover, the Nepal Congress has demanded that the government must make aggressive moves to gain the land across four districts, which has been grabbed by China. They also require an answer from the Prime Minister. Besides, the congress representatives have also introduced a proposal in the House of Representatives of the parliament. 

As Nepal PM K.P. Oli is finding it difficult to answer the Chinese move of land encroachment, there is also a grave possibility of the ruling government to undergo a divide. The conflict has sparked between the former Nepal PM Prachanda and PM K.P Oli. In the meeting, in front of everyone, Prachanda accused that the K.P Oli government has not been able to fulfil the expectations of the Nepal citizens. Thus, the party will have to face a significant loss in the upcoming elections. Besides, Oli had also criticised Prachanda, and hence, the former PM is angry due to that as well. Moreover, Prachanda has gained a tremendous amount of support in the party; thus, this makes Oli uncomfortable. Prachanda has appealed to Oli to implement the rule of power-sharing and resign from the position of Prime Minister, or else he threatened to create a rift in the party.    

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