China will betray Nepal too, warns Chief of the refugee Tibetan government

New Delhi/Dharamshala: – Dr Lobsang Sangay, the Chief of the refugee Tibetan government, in India, cautioned the Nepalese government saying ‘China first built a road to Tibet. Thereafter, it brought soldiers, tanks and artillery over this road and acquired Tibet. If the Nepalese government does not wake up in time, China will betray Nepal in the same way as Tibet.’ Dr Lobsang Sangay also reminded Nepal that the founder of communist China, Mao-Tse-Tung, had said that Tibet is the palm and Ladakh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh are the fingers on the palm.  

Tibetan government

Tension is reigning between India and China, in the Ladakh region, since almost one and a half months. The soldiers of both countries are involved in a standoff after the Indian soldiers stopped the Chinese intrusion. Whereas, China betrayed India, even after agreeing to withdraw and had launched an attack on the Indian soldiers. 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in the attack. Thereafter the tension between the countries has increased tremendously.

On the other hand, the Nepal government is ignoring the Chinese activities on the China-Nepal border, despite China acquiring Nepalese land. Nepal government is keeping mum even when China has acquired two Nepalese villages under the disguise of developing infrastructural facilities. Dr Lobsang has cautioned Nepal, against this background.

Dr Sangay said ‘If Nepal does not pay attention in time, Nepal will have the same fate as Tibet had in 1949. The Chinese military even crushed the revolt by the Tibetan people, against this Chinese aggression, in 1959. If Nepal is not cautious, the day is not far that Nepal will be known with a Chinese name.’ Dr Sangay warned ‘China in connivance with the high-ranking Nepalese officials is trying to include Nepal into its borders. China intruded into Tibet, under the pretext of building roads and the situation on the Nepal border is similar to that.’ Dr Sangay also claimed that the Tibetan issue would have to be resolved before the India-China border issue can be addressed.

Meanwhile, the Tibetan Youth Congress has started a campaign to get Tibet declared as an ‘Independent Buffer State’ between India and China. A few days ago, a bill for Tibetan independence was presented in the US Congress. Against this background, the Tibetan Youth Congress, the biggest organisation representing Tibetan youth, has started this campaign. 

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