NATO to deploy forces in Poland and Baltics


Warsaw (News Agency) – In the summit held by the NATO, it was decided to deploy battalions for the first time in the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Similarly, for increasing the military command in Poland, the United States will excessively assign around a thousand troops. According to the analysts, all these deployments are against the Russians.

As the Russians took control over Crimea in Ukraine, the US President Obama appealed the NATO for increasing the military charges in Eastern Europe to protect their allies. On this background, all the allied countries with the member countries of the NATO decided to deploy military in the Baltic region.

NATO to deploy forces in Poland

According to this decision, if Latvia is considered an exception, the other two Baltic countries will be deployedwith the NATO’s surveillance planes. Also, a thousand of soldiers will be deployed in the countries like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania each. The army belonging to the main countries in Europe will be form a part of the same.

An intense reaction may erupt from Russia upon this military deployment in the Baltic countries. Russia has already established their ten thousand army men in their territory near the borders of the Baltic States. NATO’s head Stoltenberg stated that if Russia after making the deployment tries to attack the Baltic States, then this will be considered as an attack on every country under the NATO. But, Russia is assuring the Baltic States that there is no threat to them from Russia.

The United States is going to deploy its thousand soldiers in Poland and the Central Europe. Obama, the President of the United States has stated that these troops will function according to the ‘Rotation Policy.’ It is for the first time after the cold war that the NATO has positioned its troops in such large numbers near the Russian border. It has been declared by the NATO’s Chief that apart from establishing battalions, the NATO will also be deploying Anti-aircraft missile system in this area. Russia has severely criticised this saying that they will answer back to these actions of the NATO.  

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