US Senate to hold hearing to determine if Pakistan is a friend or a foe

Washington (PTI) – Signs of US’s intolerance towards the alleged “double game” being played by Pakistan in the War against terrorism can be seen. US lawmakers have announced to hold a congressional hearing next week to discuss whether Pakistanis a ‘Friend or Foe’ of the US in the war against terrorism. Issues on Obama administration’s failed policies on Pakistan will be addressed and a detailed discussion on the same is expected

US Senate to hold hearing to determine if Pakistan is a friend or a foe

‘Since 2002, the US has spent USD 33 billion to support Pakistan for the ‘war against terror’. In spite of billions of US tax payers’ dollars given as aid, Pakistan’s secret organization ISI is still linked to terrorist organizations. “Despite US support in the war against terrorism, little success has been made to stabilize the South Asian region”, said Congressman Matt Salmon.

‘Therefore, we must take a closer look at the US goals, expectations and administration’s policies towards Pakistan and debate the best way forward’, reported Salmon. Among the witnesses in the congressional hearing include Former US ambassador to Afghanistan and UN, Zalmay Khalilzad. The other two witnesses are Bill Roggio, Senior Editor, Long War Journal and Tricia Bacon, Assistant Professor, American University.

“Pakistan’s history of ties with terrorist groups, including killing of several American military officers, is well documented, Congressman Poe pronounced. Pakistan’s Military Intelligence Agency, the Inter Service Intelligence (ISI), provide support to various terrorist organizations viz., Taliban, Al Qaeda, and the Haqqani Network, in a bid to exert influence over Pakistan’s regional rivals”, Ted Poe informed.


‘Relations between US and Pakistan were tested in May by a US drone strike. “Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour was killed in the strike on Pakistan soil, reinforcing Pakistan’s image as an unquestionable safe haven for terrorist groups”, he said. ‘Pakistan has not taken substantial measures against Taliban. Despite of having evidence of Pakistan’s role in global terrorism, Pakistan is among the leading recipient of US foreign assistance of more than USD 33 billion since 2002’, added Poe.

“I had an excellent meeting with Pakistani Foreign Ministry Officials and was impressed with the role Pakistan is playing in anti-terrorism activities”, said John McCain, US senator who visited Pakistan as a part of the US delegation. John McCain has asked Pakistan to take practical steps against notorious Haqqani Network, which is accused of numerous deadly attacks in Afghanistan. Afghanistan alleges that terrorism in Afghanistan has its roots in Pakistan. After concluding the visit to Pakistan, Senator McCain along with other officials visited Afghanistan. By this, it is evident that Afghanistan’s allegations have been taken into consideration. On these grounds, raising questions in the Congress on Pakistan being America’s Friend or Foe in the Congress is an indication of the aggressive move by the US.

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